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Sports and Activity Planning in a Municipal context – Approaches for the Municipality and Sport Clubs

Hannover. Urban development and city planning are among the significant and at the same time complex fields of activity for municipalities, due to demographic changes and changes in the leisure and movement patterns of the population. Green and natural areas play an important role here not only because of environmental aspects, but also as an opportunity […]

Network Conference In Drzonków: Connection To Europe Is Established

Drzonków/Poland (nw-press). The network with its partners as a connection to Europe – this was the quintessence of a two-day workshop of the European network of the academies of sport in Drzonków, Poland, a district of Zielona Góra (140.000 inhabitants), which is situated north from Lower Silesia and about 100 kilometer east from Cottbus. The host was the sport center WOSiR Drzonków, led by director Bogusław Sułkowski.

In Prague: „Sport and Experiential Pedagogy 2016“

Prague. College of Physical Education and Sport Palestra, Ltd. in cooperation with University Śląskim – Katowice and The Medical University College, Prague, host the 3rd Annual International Scientific Conference „Sport and Experiential Pedagogy 2016“. The conference under the auspices of prof. PhDr. Václav Hošek, DrSc., the rector of VŠTVS PALESTRA will be held on Thusday, 20th of Octobre, 2016 from 9.30 am to 5 pm at the College PALESTRA. This year’s event has a special occasion to award the City of Prague with a significant title of the European Capital of Sport.

Network spring meeting in the Netherlands

Arnhem/Zeddam. Eine erfolgreiche Frühjahrstagung mit zahlreichen Themenstellungen: Erstmals tagte das Netzwerk der Europäischen Akademien des Sports in den Niederlanden. Die hauptamtlichen Vertreter der auf elf europäischen Organisationen angewachsenen Netzwerker besuchten das nationale niederländische Sportzentrum Papendal bei Arnhem und setzten die Arbeitstagung im nahen Zeddam, nahe der deutsch-niederländischen Grenze, fort.

Network stands more professionally

Bocholt. Groundbreaking working conference in the European house in Bocholt: The European network of the academies of the sport met on the 6th and 7th of November, 2014 in the west cathedral country in the seat of the host European academy of the sport (eads).