European academy of Drzonków/Pole and Sports federation Skaneidrotten/Swede are new in the group

Groundbreaking working conference in the European house in Bocholt: The European network of the academies of the sport met on the 6th and 7th of November, 2014 in the west cathedral country in the seat of the host European academy of the sport (eads). If a receipt of the city of Bocholt also belonging to it in the historical city hall of the town which was built in 1618-1624. The first acting mayoress Elisabeth Kroesen received the network group with representatives from Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, the German-speaking community of Belgium and from Luxembourg.

netzwerktagung_bocholt2A thick work plan was mastered by the network representatives from halfEurope. It was about „binary career“, a removal of the network and a bigger professionalism which is aimed in all areas in future.

As new members were welcomed the sports federation Skaneidrotten from Malmö in Sweden with acting president Peter Tallinger. From the Polish Drzonków, 60 kilometres to the east of Cottbus situated, had arrived more than 750 kilometres far president Boguslaw Sulkowski and Marta Tuliszka. The European academy of Drzonków has joined in summer to the European network of the academies of the sport on which just 20 organisations work together throughout Europe.

netzwerktagung_bocholt3Bocholt: Conference in the „most active town of Germany“

On the occasion of the receipt serves in the city hall in which the Trauzimmer is accommodated and the usually particularly representative purposes, the acting mayoress came in historical walls on the special sporty honouring, the Bocholt in September, 2013 with mission Olympic has received the most active town“ as „Germany. She introduced the wide offer to sportive activities like football, dancing, volleyball and tennis (with the profit of three German championship titles as a result of). „Prominent sports events in the calendar Bocholts“, according to Elisabeth Kroesen further, „are the city run as well as the Aa lake triathlon“. Moreover, she underlined that often the sportive activities would take place together with friends from the twin towns Bocholts. In the connection the president eads Bocholt, Franz Josef Probst, for the receipt thanked in Bocholts „of good room“ and signed up with all Netzwerkern on the visitors’ book of the town.

“Relay handing over” in the city hall
Afterwards Klaus Klären, manager of the European academy of the Rhineland-Palatine sport Trier, handed over the “relay stick” of the new service place for the network to Reinhardt te Uhle, academy leader eads in Bocholt. He will perceive this job in future in the European house. Symbolically had Clear as “a relay stick” a bicycle electively which stands for the „tour of the great region in 2014“ and also for which bicycle town of Bocholt has a big symbolic power. Trier had explained at last during two years the speaker’s role.

Eleven European organisations extended the European network of the academies of the sport on the 21st of June, 2012 in Velen within the scope of a ceremony to thenetzwerktagung_bocholt4 20-year-old existence of the European academy of the sport. Six already worked together for 13 years on the network of the academies. As a charitable equipment the European network of the academies of the sport to the ideas and sighting of a European sports development has committed itself.