European School Sport Day 2018 on Sport Campus of University of Muenster

Organized by the Dept. of EU-Studies of the Institute of Sport & Exercise Sciences and in collaboration with the Student Sport Office of the University  of Münster (HSP) the European School Sport Day (ESSD) took place for the 3rd time on Münster University Sport Campus. This year even a complete primary school, the Marien School of Appelhülsen-Nottuln, participated with their eight school classes and more than 160 boys and girls aged 6 to 10 years. All teams were guided by game instructors of HSP, members of the EU-Studies group and their school class teachers, including the principal of Marienschule, Mrs. Wiedau-Gottwald. The regular classes were mixed into 12 teams, and each team e.g. the „Pumas“, „Dinos“ etc. played four different types of small-aside traditional European games and modern trend games: two national European games – the Dutch Korfball game and the Italian game of Tamburello, added by the trend games of Kinball and the Harry Potter game of Quidditsch.  Finally, all pupils received a diploma about their participation into the ESSD 2018 and wanted to come back next year, may be with their French partner school.